Forest Moon Festival Cooldown

Forest Moon Festival Cooldown

Saturday morning we packed up our gear, served some coffee, and ate breakfast. It was good that we did because we could not have pictured how busy we would be until the afternoon. What a day!

The Tables

The reception we received from visitors was amazing. It made us so happy to see how much fun kids were having playing at the different stations. The balloon popping R2D2s were a hit, we counted over 50 balloons popped and that includes the downtime because the robots overheated from usage. Something we'll rectify the next time we use these R2D2s.

Indi was a hit with little ones. Indi, a robot designed for younger children, is programmed using colored tiles. The smiles and excitement from people when they used the tiles to get Indi to move around the table is exactly what we are trying to do. Even adults exhibited a sense of wonder! ❤️

The programming table, where I spent most of my time, was incredibly busy as well. Programming is hard on a good day but somehow kids just pick it up quickly. Most kids I met had not programmed anything before and every person that picked up the tablet got the robot to move autonomously through the maze. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

I am so proud of this town.

Photo Courtesy of City of Crescent City

The Hype

We talked with a lot of you and we're so pumped to hear your excitement. We have so many ideas. Of course, our first program will be based on FIRST, specifically three robotics competition teams. We will coach and mentor students in building a competitive robot and related research projects. Our goal is to take each team to a regional competition.

We are working on sponsorship packets for more programs, a 3D printing camp, resin art camp, what we're calling Open Wonder days, and more. We can't wait to make all these ideas a reality! With everyone's help, we will make it happen!

Thank you

A huge thank you to the City of Crescent City for sponsoring our booth! Thanks to the Forest Moon Festival team for making a wonderful event happen.

And thank you all for your support! We're here for the community! And remember, may the Forge be with you!