Forest Moon Festival, here we come!

Forest Moon Festival, here we come!

Saturday, June 1st 2024, we will be at Beachfront Park from 11am to 2pm! We will have three robot tables where we will train force wielders of all kinds in training robots to fight for peace or for power!

We'll have a deep dive on our different tables very soon but here's a quick explanation:

Repair Bot Maze

Robots must navigate through the ship, The Rising Crescent, where they must conduct repairs before the ship is destroyed!

Our prized robots, a remote-controlled Sphero R2D2 and a remote-controlled Sphero BB-8, must navigate through our maze and work together to repair the ship. Players must program the robot to navigate our maze before time expires.

Our coaches will help players of all ages with Blockly, a visual code editor that uses drag and drop blocks to make programming easy and fun. No programming experience or knowledge? That's ok! We'll help!

R2D2 Shield Battle

Outmaneuver your opponent and be the strongest force-wielding robot team in the galaxy! Will you attack their shield or will you choose agility and protect your shields from the enemy?

Two remote controlled R2D2 robots battle each other and attempt to juke and dodge while also trying to pop the enemy's balloon.

Indi Challenge

Younglings use their training and focus to help a young rebel bot navigate the dangers of the galaxy to deliver a secret message to the Rebel general.

Our newest and arguably cutest robot, Indi, uses colored tiles as instructions on how to move. Designed for our youngest players, children will place colored tiles to get Indi to avoid dangers and reach the Rebel General.

Download the Forest Moon app!

There's so much to do at the Forest Moon Festival. Download their app to learn more!

Thank you to our sponsor, City of Crescent City!

Because of their support, we will be able to offer all of our fun robot themed activities for free!

Visit the Crescent City Facebook and website to learn more about our awesome city!

May the FORGE be with you!